Student Assistance Program

A Partnership for Clay County Students

The Student Assistance Program is a partnership between Clay County School Board and Clay Behavioral Health Center and is a voluntary program for Clay County students. The goal of the program is to educate and support students who appear to be at-risk for developing alcohol and drug problems. The Student Assistance Program identifies at-risk behaviors  and offers alternatives through education, referral, and short term individual and group counseling. The program serves as a liaison between treatment centers/hospitals and the schools to provide continued help for students returning to school. Additional goals are to serve as a resource for countywide prevention programs such as Red Ribbon Week and the Clay County School CORE TEAM and to provide education and training to school personnel on substance abuse related issues.


Students are referred to the Student Assistance Program by student services, teachers, administrators, parents, peers, and by self-referral. The program is free to students. The program focuses on students of all ages and is culturally relevant to participants. Activities that are provided include:

  • Information  (brochures, speaking engagements)
  • Education (parenting & family management, ongoing classrooms/small groups)
  • Alternative Programs (drug-free dances/parties)
  • Problem Identification & Referral Programs
  • Community-Based Process (multi-agency coordination/collaboration)

Students also receive individual and group counseling, depending on the need of the student. Some students participate in the SAMHSA Evidence Based Program Project SUCCESS (Schools Using Coordinated Community Efforts to Strengthen Students).