Clay Behavioral Health Center, Inc. Job Description

EFFECTIVE DATE: January, 2006

REVISED DATE: 5/06; 5/07; 5/08; 5/09; 12/09; 3/10; 5/12


REPORTS TO:  Clinical Manager, Intensive Family Services


POSITION OBJECTIVE:  Provide assessment and treatment services in the homes of families at risk of, or identified as having neglect or abuse issues, with the goal of family preservation and stability.





  1. Abide by agency policies and procedures
  2. Promote agency goals and positive agency image in the community
  3. Work with a positive attitude and as a team player
  4. Report any community complaints or criticisms of agency or staff to supervisor immediately
  5. Other duties as assigned by supervisor
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  (R=Required  P=Preferred)
Sitting  _R__ Standing  _R__  Walking  _R__   Lifting  _P___   Carrying __P_    Kneeling  ____  Pushing/Pulling  ____   Bending/Stooping  __R__  Climbing  ____   Reaching  _P__  Crawling/Crouching  ____ Grasping  ____  Turning  ____  Repetitive Motions  ____  Color Recognition  ____  Depth Perception  ____  Reading  __R__  Hearing  __R__  Other (describe) ____
HAZARDS:  (X=Potential Exposure)
Proximity to moving mechanical parts  __ __ Electrical current  __ __  Toxic or caustic chemicals  ____  Radiation  ____ Biohazards (airborne or contact)  ____  Housekeeping and/or cleaning agents  ____  Flammable, explosive gases  _X___ Human-borne pathogens  ____ Other: 
SKILL REQUIREMENTS:  (R=Required  P=Preferred)
Drive motor vehicle _R__ Prepare food ____ Lift __P__ (State weight __>50 lbs.) Typing/Keyboard __R__  Word processing software __P__  Data base software ____  Spreadsheet software ____  Other software ____  Calculator ____  Operate office machines __P__ (Fax, Copier) Verbal communication (including telephone) __R__  Written communication (including composition) __R__  Public speaking/group presentations  __R__  Team-oriented and collaborative interpersonal relationships __R__  Respectful client relationships __R__  Client assessment and evaluation __R__  Retrieve and compile information __R__  Verify data __R__  Maintain records __R __ Organize and prioritize information _P___  Analyze and interpret information __R___  Investigate, evaluate and recommend action  __R__  Basic mathematical concepts (add, subtract, multiply, divide) __R __  Advanced mathematical concepts (fractions, decimals, ratios, percentages, graphs) ____  Abstract mathematical concepts (interpolation, inference, frequency, reliability, formulas, equations, statistics) ___  Reasoning and logic __R__  Sensitivity to service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics   R    Leadership/Supervisory __ __  Other (describe) ____

Employee Acknowledgement: I have reviewed and understand the requirements stated in this Job Description and hereby certify that I am qualified to perform this job, with or without a reasonable accommodation. (Please list any requested accommodation(s) below if an accommodation is necessary to perform the responsibilities of this job. 

Employee’s Signature Date

Supervisor’s Review I have reviewed the information contained in this Job Description and believe it to be an accurate reflection of the job functions and duties for the described position.

Supervisor’s Signature Date