Mental illness does not only affect adults. Many children, teens and young adults are in need of help, too. In the United States, more than four million children are living with serious mental illness, and half of all lifetime cases of mental disorders begin by age 14. But effective treatments exist, allowing children to live a productive life and be successful in school, family life and daily living.

School Based Programs

1)  Title I Program

Clay Behavioral provides in school counseling to students meeting the requirements at some Title I elementary schools in Clay County, FL.  Students must have Medicaid coverage and meet diagnosis criteria. Currently serving:

  • Charles E. Bennett Elementary, Green Cove Springs
  • Grove Park Elementary, Orange Park
  • W.E. Cherry Elementary, Orange Park
  • Wilkinson Elementary, Middleburg

How to get connected

Students can be referred by school staff, parents or guardians, or may request services themselves.


2)  Positive Behavior Support Program

Clay Behavioral is contracted by Clay County schools to provide counseling for students who have an IEP that recommends counseling as an assistance in their academic success. Currently serving all Clay County schools.

How to get connected

Students must be referred through the Clay County school district.  If your student has counseling on his/her IEP, contact your school guidance department for more information.


3)  Student Assistance Program

Clay Behavioral staffs one mentor for every Jr. & Sr. High in Clay County to provide education, prevention, early identification, intervention, and referrals for students at risk.  Mentors work with students in groups and one on one using the Evidenced Based Curriculums of Project SUCCESS & Too Good For Drugs.  This program is free, voluntary, and requires parent/guardian consent for students under 18.

Common Issues of Concern

  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Behavior
  • Discipline
  • Legal Problems
  • Problems at home
  • Tobacco, alcohol, or other drug use

How to get connected

Students can be referred by staff, friends, or themselves.  Contact your school guidance department for further information.


Therapeutic Summer Programs

Structured therapeutic activities are geared to increase positive behaviors and socialization of emotionally handicapped and seriously/emotionally disturbed youth.


Therapeutic Friends

Pairs children who have significant emotional and behavioral problems with positive role models.


Children’s Outpatient Counseling

Individual, family and group therapy, also available in the home.


Emergency Services

Crisis intervention available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Family Preservation

Intensive Family Services including intensive in-home counseling and parenting support.