motionally Behaviorally Disturbed Student Program

Mental Health Services at Clay County Schools

Clay Behavioral Health Center provides behavior management services through contractual arrangements with Clay County Schools aimed at helping behaviorally disturbed children and teens function better. The students participating in this program are enrolled in Clay County elementary and secondary schools. The students are in the Emotionally/Behaviorally Disturbed Classroom setting and have had a referral into the program by the Exceptional Student Education Department with the Clay County School District. The program offers parents the opportunity for their child to receive on-site counseling services to address their behavior and/or emotional needs.

Behavior management services are designed to provide on-site assistance in the school by qualified Clay Behavioral staff. Current behavioral patterns are assessed and alternative interventions are recommended to parents/guardians and teachers. If a child is identified as needing more intensive services that are not able to be provided on site at the school, a referral is made to the Outpatient Mental Health Department at CBHC.


Counselors provide individual and group counseling, behavior modification, social skills training and consultation services, while maintaining the contractual agreement. Counseling services are listed on the child’s IEP (Individual Education Plan). Counselors work directly with the students’ parents and teachers to ensure that the students are working on their goals of treatment and to access if treatment modalities need to change. Children are seen on either a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis as their treatment plan is followed.