Adult Crisis Alternative Program (ACAP)


The ACAP program, located at our Knight Boxx Road campus, serves adults who are in crisis in a cost-effective and treatment-efficient manner. By avoiding hospitalization and providing a safe, therapeutic environment for recovery, our clients are able to return to the community and resume their daily activities. ACAP is available to adults age 18 and over, who are experiencing a mental health crisis. Priority clients include those individuals diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness. Participation is voluntary, and residents are expected to be actively involved in the daily routine. Average length of stay is three (3) to five (5) days. Individuals with any recent substance abuse, or behaviors which present an immediate danger to self or others, are best served in other settings, and may not be considered for admission to ACAP.

ACAP provides a short-term alternative to inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. Support and care is provided to those experiencing a mental and/or emotional crisis. The comfortable, non-institutional setting of ACAP provides a temporary respite while preparing individuals for a return to their community. We believe each individual has an important role to play in their own recovery process, and each member of the team must be actively involved in the process.

  • 24-hour structured supervision and observation
  • An Intake evaluation and assessment
  • Individualized action plan development
  • Supervised medication intake
  • Education in the areas of illness understanding, symptom awareness and medication compliance
  • Skills training in the areas of personal care and basic living skills
  • Referral to PsychoSocial Rehabilitation
  • Discharge planning, including linkage with community resources and supports
Hours & Location of Adult Crisis Alternative Program

ACAP is located at 89 Knight Boxx Road, Orange Park, FL 32068 (view map). Admission to the program Monday through Friday is coordinated through CBHC’s Access Department located at the agency’s Main Center. To contact the Main Center, call 904.291.5561. Admissions after hours, evenings and weekends may be coordinated directly with ACAP staff at 904.213.2909. ACAP is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.