It’s Not Just for Kids! 5 Ways Coloring Promotes Wellness in Adults

Coloring will always be a favored hobby among children. It’s a perfect activity for those who are stuck in the house on a rainy day, a great way for a hungry kid to pass the time waiting for their food at a restaurant, and an exceptional way to unwind before bedtime. Coloring allows children to explore their imaginations, embrace their creativity, and engage their brains. Once viewed as a childhood pastime, a recent explosion of adult coloring books has put that idea to rest.

Adult coloring books are becoming increasingly popular. According to Forbes, five of the top 10 bestsellers listed on Amazon are adult coloring books. So why are adults suddenly so interested in settling down with a good coloring book? Coloring books are an appealing way to engage in a creative activity that doesn’t require exceptional artistic talent. People who aren’t artistic can still enjoy the creative process of choosing colors, creating patterns, and completing a work of art.

Coloring Is Good For You – Really!

Adult coloring books have become popular for another reason–many health professionals agree that coloring provides a wealth of undeniably therapeutic benefits. Check out five fascinating ways that coloring promotes wellness in adults:

1. Coloring reduces stress. Life can be very hectic, and many adults spend their days jamming in as much as possible, running from one task to the next. Exorbitant bills, health problems, taxing careers, and the challenges of raising children are just some of the stressors affecting adults every day. Excessive stress can cause both mental and physical health problems. Chronic stress is a serious condition and can result in depression, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, chest pain, high blood pressure, insomnia, muscle pain, fatigue, nausea, headaches, heartburn, and a weakened immune system.

The act of coloring is similar to meditation. Coloring requires intense concentration which allows a person to “tune out” all of the stressful thoughts rattling around in their brains. The detailed geometric patterns of adult coloring pages also help to acquire this meditative state. In fact, renowned psychologist Carl Jung recognized the benefits of coloring mandalas in the early 20th century. Jung believed the circular designs and concentric shapes of a mandala help to balance the psyche. He often recommended creating and coloring mandalas to his patients as a form of stress relief and a way to increase mindfulness. Relieving the body of stress can vastly improve your health.

2. Coloring boosts concentration. In addition to reducing stress, coloring also helps adults focus, which can be hugely helpful in the workplace. Numerous tasks can leave a person feeling overwhelmed. Having so many assignments to complete can make it incredibly difficult to focus on just one, which can result in a lot of wasted time and an inefficient work ethic. Evidence shows that a short coloring break allows the brain to regain focus and increases creativity, resulting in the ability to tackle those tasks in a successful, innovative manner.

3. Coloring improves fine motor skills. Since the act of coloring combines logic and creativity, it requires the use of both vision and fine motor skills. Choosing which colors to use, staying inside the lines, and creating patterns trains your brain to develop more efficient fine motor skills. In a world filled with electronics, people aren’t using those fine motor skills as much. Some health professionals believe that coloring, crossword puzzles, and brain teasers can even help delay the onset of dementia.

4. Coloring encourages socialization. Although coloring often is considered a solitary activity, that doesn’t have to be the case. Many adults are turning coloring into a social affair, engaging in coloring sessions at home or while grabbing a cup of coffee. Coloring together as a family is a great way for parents to relax and bond with their children.

Socialization is proven to benefit the body and mind. It boosts self-esteem, combats depression, and even strengthens the immune system. Combining the therapeutic benefits of coloring and socialization can further reduce stress, increase feelings of happiness, and boost your overall health. Next time you’re having an exceptionally rough day, invite a few friends over for a coloring party–you’ll feel the stress melt away in no time!

5. Coloring is fun! Adults often underestimate the benefits of good old fun. Loads of responsibilities make it tough to find time for fun–who has time for fun when there is a giant project due at work, five loads of laundry to be washed, three kids who need help with homework, a dog that needs walking, and dinner to prepare? It’s important to be able to put something aside and take just a few minutes to fit a fun activity into each day. Just 15 minutes spent coloring will help relax your mind, reboot your brain, and improve your mood. Coloring before bed is a wonderful way to prepare your body for sleep, and a great alternative to the distressing blue light of electronics that can contribute to insomnia.

Coloring provides many health benefits for the body and the mind. This enjoyable activity can help reduce chronic stress, boost concentration, enhance creativity, and improve fine motor skills. Coloring also elicits a nostalgic feeling and reminds adults of the joys of their carefree childhood. The beautiful themes and intricate designs of adult coloring books are simply breathtaking, and the completed colorings can be framed to create unique works of art.

Print out this coloring page and get to work relaxing!

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