What is National Recovery Month?

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National Recovery Month is an annual observance celebrated every September since 1989. In September, and throughout the year, Recovery Month spreads the message that:

    Behavioral health is essential to health.

    Prevention works.

    Treatment is effective.

    People recover.

The tagline for Recovery Month this year is “Recovery is for Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community” which reminds people in recovery and those who support them, that recovery belongs to all of us. We are all called to end gatekeeping and welcome everyone to recovery by lowering barriers to recovery support, creating inclusive spaces and programs, and broadening our understanding of what recovery means for people with different experiences.

Recovery Month goals include:

  • Reducing Stigma: Recovery Month aims to reduce the stigma associated with addiction and mental health disorders. By sharing stories of recovery and highlighting the accomplishments of people in recovery, it seeks to eliminate misconceptions and discrimination.
  • Educating the Public: The observance provides opportunities to educate the public about substance use disorders, mental health issues, and the importance of early intervention, treatment, and support services.
  • Celebrating Recovery: Recovery Month celebrates the accomplishments of people who have overcome addiction or mental health challenges, as well as the contributions of treatment providers, counselors, and advocates who support them.
  • Promoting Resources: It highlights the availability of resources, treatment options, and support services for individuals and families affected by addiction and mental health issues.
  • Inspiring Hope: Recovery Month seeks to inspire hope by showcasing real-life stories of recovery. It encourages individuals struggling with substance use or mental health disorders to seek help and believe in their ability to recover.

Recovery Month plays a crucial role in addressing the challenges associated with addiction and mental health, fostering understanding, and encouraging individuals to seek help and support for their recovery journey. It promotes the idea that recovery is possible and that individuals can lead fulfilling lives after overcoming these challenges.

Clay Behavioral is holding a Recovery Celebration on September 23, from 10 am until 2 pm, at 400 College Drive in Orange Park. The event is open to everyone. We deeply appreciate the support of our vendors and sponsoring partners Groups Recover Together and Clay County Community Paramedicine.

flyer for recovery month event in clay county on Sept. 23

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