Biking, Mindfulness & Mental Health

Cycling Connects and Calms Your Mind

woman riding bike and relaxed

Cycling is an exercise that is easily accessible and offers many health benefits. For instance, cycling causes all of your muscles to move, which increases strength and flexibility. It can also improve mental and emotional health. You can also combine cycling and mediation for a more mindful boost to your bike rides.

Cycling and Meditation

Cycling provides you with a perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness.

Remember mindfulness is all about staying in the present. While riding a bike, You need to pay attention to your surroundings and keep your mind from wandering. You are no longer mentally multi-tasking. You’re concentrating on the act of pedaling, which frees you from the hamster wheel of repetitive thinking. Not thinking about stressful issues and letting go of distractions will allow you to feel calm and reap the benefits of meditation.

Focus on your breathing while cycling. At times we even stop breathing during physical activities but don’t notice it due to lack of concentration. Take slow and deep breaths rather than breathing at a fast pace and limiting the supply of oxygen to your muscles. Synchronize your breathing with your pedaling. Notice how your breath changes when you alter the speed of your bike.

Not everyone can sit still in a lotus position and meditate for an hour. But just about anyone can ride a bike. And the great thing is biking provides the perfect conditions for your mind to quiet itself.

The next time you take a bike ride and find yourself basking in that post-ride afterglow, maybe it’s not the endorphins – maybe it’s because you were accidentally meditating and didn’t know it.



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    I just moved to Middleburg from Virginia Beach. I moved here to be close to my son and his family as my 60 year old husband has Parkinson’s with Dementia. I left Virginia with services fir my husband but I am finding limited services with in 20 minutes of Middleburg limited such as Rock Steady Boxing, occupational, speech and physical therapy for Parkinson’s patients. I am also in need of adult day care services. , Can you provide help.?

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